Gold Collection Artist Statement

The Golden Collection Artists Statement:


This new body of work was formed out of a desire to create images that have a unique shimmering quality to them. A watercolorist who was also working on ways to make her work shine inspired my technique. After months of experimentation I have found the formula that shows my work in a whole new light.

My primary subjects are trees, plants and flowers. The things made from God, cherished by Mother Nature and brought forth in shimmering light. My emphasis is on the natural form. The combination of pigment ink over the iridescent gold alters each image uniquely. Because each one of my limited edition images is hand created they are truly a one of a kind work of art.

What I love about this body of work is that it has re-ignited my passion for photography through its warm and iridescent gold quality.


“ The interpretation of fine art begins with you”


Jim Swallow